Fabio Dalla Costa graduated at the International Violinmaking School of Cremona in 1984. A pupil of G.B. Morassi until 1988.

He has partecipated in the following competitions:

- "A. Stradivari" Internazional Triennal Cremona:
1985, 1988, 1991.
- Bagnacavallo competition for young violinmakers (Ravenna):
1986 - Bronze medal for violin and special prize for the best varnish
1988 - Silver medal for violin and viola
1990 - Special prize awarded by the ALI Association
1992 - 1° First prize for the best varnish
- Baveno (VB) competition:
1987 - Bronze medal for viola
1991 - Bronze medal for violin
1993 - Gold medal for viola
1995 - ALI Gold medal
- Internazional "Tchaikovsky" competition in Moscow:
1994 - Second prize for cello and first prize for sound with the same instrument
1998 - Gold medal for the best workmanship for violin and viola
2002 - Gold medal for the best workmanship for violin
- Internazional Mittenwald competition in Germany:
1993 - He arrived in the finals with a viola
- First Internazional "Violino Arvenzis" competition in Slovakia:
2006 - He arrived in the finals with a violin

In 1989 he was selected for partecipate to a violins show in Taiwan.
In 1991 he has invited by the city of Zurich to represent Italian violinmaking in an exhibition organized by the Wohnmuseum of Barengasse.
In 2004 F.D.C. presented the numbered Series of the Gold Collection with his initials and numbers in 18 Carat Gold, for his twentieth year as a violin maker.
F.D.C. in 2004, after a four years study about the violin model of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, presented his Torcolato Violin Model which has a strong and brillant sound and with qualities similiar to those violins made in 1800. The violin was presented for the First time with a concert in the Maculan winery in Breganze and broadcasted on national television.
Various solists use his instruments in Italy, United States, Japan, Taiwan and Europe.
In September 2005 the Ferrari car factory in Maranelloinvited Fabio Dalla Costa to make an important conference to two hundred engineers regarding the "design to weight with applicaion to the violin". The Italian National Television invited him to various live important shows.
In 2009 he was invited by the International Institute of Research of Milano to hold a conference on the theme "The interpretation of wood".
In 2010, he was invited by the S. Paolo Intesa Bank to hold a conference in Milano on the theme "Simple Future" for all the world delegates of the institute with the presence of President Corrado Passera.
In 2011, he was invited to the University of Luiss in Rome to hold a conference on the theme "The Craftsman" "homo faber".

Fabio in his laboratory


Fabio Dalla Costa
Via Castelletto, 25 - 36042 Breganze (VI) Italy
Tel. & Fax 0445 300672 - dallacostaviolins@tiscali.it
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